2010 Pro Bowl Selections

Congradulations to the six New England Patriots that were selected to this year Pro Bowl. The team will have three starters. Tom Brady, quarterback, Vince Wilfork, defensive lineman, and Logan Mankins, offensive guard. This is quite and honor. The boys deserve. Also added the pro bowl team in a reserve role were, Jarad Mayo, linebacker, Devon McCourty, connerback, and Brandon Meriweather, safety. This was Jarad and Devons first pro bowl. Even more impressive is the fact tha Devon is a rookie!

The Pro Bowl is played the weekend before the super bowl, so I am hoping that none of them play in the game. Any players that are in the super bowl will not be able to participate as they will be getting ready to play in the big one. With six members from the Patriots, on the Atlanta Falcons had more with seven. It has been quite a year.