About us


         We started as a group of NE Pats fans that live on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia Canada. We now have a diverse group of fans ranging from NFL seasoned veterans to rookies excited about becoming a Pats fan and learning the game. We are always looking for new members. We became official back in January 2009 when we registered with eight members. Presently we have a membership of thirty eight and growing.


        We meet informally monthly. Our official meeting site is Marcus & Willy’s Sports Bar in Musquodoboit Harbour. In the spring and summer we have barbecue parties as well we have our annual kickoff barbecue get together just before the regular season. Every year we do a road trip to a game at Gillette that we encourage our members to join in on. During the season there is a weekly trivia contest that matches up to that game. Points are given out each week with the season winner receiving the champion’s prize pack at the Kickoff Barbecue.


        We welcome all comers to our club. We have many members that are "Cyber" members from as far west as Vancouver, Canda, and as far South as Florida. So don't worry about where you are, if you want to have fun, jump on board.