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Conflict Brewing in Patriots Place ?



How has it come to this? Why has it come to this? The fallout of the inability of the CBA and NFL to get a collective bargining agreement is going to have far reaching ramifications. I have wrtitten a piece explaining just one of those as it relates to our Patriots. I hope you read it and please send along your feelings on the matter as well.



Did we ever think it could come to this? For years we have come to adore our Patriots. We have had the privilege of having the greatest owner in the NFL and arguably the greatest quarterback. Over the years their relationship and that of Bill Bellichick have created a dynasty, but we now sit on the precipice wondering where it is all going to go.

Well on March 11, Tom Brady along with nine other players put their names on an “Antitrust Class Action” suit. In essence, suing the NFL and their owners. Yes, that means Tommy is suing Robert Kraft. What does it mean? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, it has to have some effect on their relationship. It will never be the same. Robert has always spoken of Tom being like a son, so I wonder how it feels to have “family” sue “family?” I know this is a business, but when does it become personal? We can only hope that the two of them keep it business.

When asked recently at the owners meetings in New Orleans, Jonathan Kraft, (Roberts real son), was asked about the situation and his response was, “Look, on a personal level, myself and, I think, every member of my family feels extremely close to Tom,” said Kraft. “I’d like to think Tom was conflicted before he made that decision, but you’d have to ask Tom about it.” He also added, “He obviously feels like, I guess, he made a business decision that was the right thing for him. I’d like to think he was conflicted making it, but I don’t know.”

It sounds to me that the conflicted feelings are on the Kraft side of the situation. I wonder how conflicted they felt when the cut Lawyer Milloy, released Deon Branch, and can’t come to terms with Logan Mankins, so they reduced his tender from $3 million to $1.5 million then franchised him knowing all three players are extremely close to Tommy. It is business right? Well we can only hope the Kraft family respects Tommy’s decision as being business as well.

I would love your thoughts on the mater. Please send them along so we can share them with our membership.

NFL Collective Barganing Agreement. This is Bull%$*# Part 2!!!!

 These are the faces of Incompetence, Arrogance, and Greed. Look at them long and hard. Think about it, these are the people overseeing a 9 billion dollar industry and they are screwing it up! Wow! My three year old grandson Logan could do a better job!!! 



Millionaires vs. Billionaires! Wow, don’t you just feel sorry for them? In the words of Charlie Sheen, “Dah!” Come to think of it  the Players and Owners have turned into Charlie. Their maturity and ineptitude is beyond me. How can a 9 billion dollar industry that is making money, "BIG MONEY" for the players and owners, adored by millions of fans screw this up? Dah! It's GREED!! Nothing more, nothing less. It is exactly what has the world economy in such a state. The NFLPA and the owners of the NFL are idiots. Greedy idiots. If anyone can find a reason to side with either one, they need to re-evaluate. I for one am going to send nasty letters to the owners and players. I would challenge all of you to do the same. You can find the address on the Web pages of each of the NFL teams. Without fans there would be no Millionaire players or Billionaire owners. So, where do we go from here? Well the players have decertified in an attempt to file an anti-trust law suit against the owners and the owners will undoubtedly lock the players out. Either way, no one wins, especially us. It could be a lengthy delay in football; in fact it could keep the NFL from playing this year. I don’t know about you, but the longer it goes, the longer it is going to take for me to forgive them. While I will always love watching the game of football, I will think twice before supporting them with my dollars. But all is not lost. There is an alternative. I first want to first apologize to any our female fans if they get offended, but, even my wife after watching one of the games, thought the LFL was rough and tough. In fact, it was fun to watch. They actually are very good athltes So, it may be time to support this new league. Please pass along you thoughts. I would love to hear you opinions and thoughts. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Trivia This Week

After each point-after-touchdown (PAT) attempt, men dressed as Minutemen, who line the area behind each end zone, fire blanks from flintlock muskets to the tune of what famous song? The answer lies with the Boston Pop's.



      "The 1812 Overture"

NFL Collective Barganing Agreement. This is Bull%$*#

Seven Day Extension


The NFL Players Association and the league have agreed upon a seven-day extension of talks on a new collective bargaining agreement, one day after the sides agreed to a 24-hour extension of the expiration of the current CBA. Negotiations are set to resume Monday, with the sides taking the weekend off. The seven-day clock will not stop over the weekend, meaning both parties will have five more days of negotiations, beginning Monday and lasting through Friday, March 11. The NFLPA informed the league during Thursday's bargaining session that it would begin the decertification process on Friday, according to sources, unless the league agreed to a 10-day extension of the talks. The sides have compromised on seven days, during which they will continue mediator George H. Cohen's request not to publicly discuss details of the mediation. 


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters Friday,  "This is going to get resolved through negotiations, not through litigations."


NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith said,  "When you say something about trust or when you raise issues about things like confidence, none of those things are repaired quickly." 


I don't know about you guys, but I think this is not going to be a "happily ever after" story.

Retirement of a Bluecollar Worker

Stephen Neal announces his retirement. For those of you that know who he was as a Patriot, (right guard), he had a story that doesn’t even begin to tell the story. A ten year veteran, he didn’t even play college football.


He was a wrestler for Cal State-Bakersfield. Do any of you know what the Dan Hodge award is equivalent too?


He had a ten year career that included helping the Patriots finish among the top ten in total offense six times during his time.


Patriots Make a "BIG" Defensive Move

Wow!!!! I can’t believe it, we were able to sign free agent Marcus Stroud from Buffalo. They signed him to a two-year contract.

He has been a three time Pro Bowler. He is a solid defense end, especially when he was with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He is 32 years old, but he has been a great pass rusher during his career. The nice part about it is that he will fit in nicely with the Patriots rotation system.

Bill O'Brien named Offensive Coordinator

Congratulations coach Bill O’Brien. The Patriots have announced that they have promoted Bill O’Brien to the position of Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach for 2011. As you all know, this year the Patriots had neither a Defensive nor Offensive Coordinator, the only team in the NFL not to. This is good news and well earned on Coach O’Brien’s part. He will be entering his fifth season with the Pat’s after originally joining the team as offensive assistant coach in 2007. Prior to the Patriots coach O’Brien spent fourteen years in the college ranks. I believe his impact was substantial on this year’s offensive success. We wish him all the best in the upcoming year.

50 Greatest Players Contest: MEMBERS ONLY!!

There is a 40th  year Anniversary coming up in March. If you do your homework and find the date, (Wikipedia),you will get the answer. If you get it you will find the “Patriots 50 Greatest Players List answers 40 thru 50".  They will be on your web page from 8:00am – 8:00pm on the anniversary date. Log in and go to the "ARTICLES" tab. You will then find it. It is all in the name.   GOOD LUCK!!

2010 NF Awards

Congratulations to this years winners of some of the NFL's most prestigious awards.


Bill Belechick - NFL Coach of the year

Bill was well deserving of this award. He became the only head coach to have (4) four fourteen win seasons. He guided a young team to a 14-2 record. In fact it was the youngest defense in the league.


The Ofensive Line - John Madden Most Valuable Protectors Award

They had a great year protecting Tom Brady and helping Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis run for over a 1,000 yards. They were recognized for this achievement as being the best offensive line unit in the NFL.


Tom Brady - NFL MVP of the year & NFL Offensive Player of they year

Tommy had quite a year. While I am sure he would trade it all away to play in the Super Bowl, it was quite a year for him. He set so many records it would take to long to list. It was the second time he has won this award in the last four years. Congratulations to him and all the others.

NFC Dominates the AFC 55-41

The NFC dominates the game. The score at halftime was 41-0. Thankfully the AFC did put up a better showing in the second half outscoring the NFC 41-14. The boys played well, Devin McCourty had a interception, Jarod Mayo had seven tackles and Wes Welker had five receptions, however he also had a fumble which led to a touchdown. Overall they had a good showing. Bill Belichick and the coachs seemed to have a good time as well.

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