Follow up Week 14

WOW, what a game! Can you believe how the boys played in those blizzard conditions?


If there was any doubt before the game who the best team in the AFC was, there shouldn’t be anymore. We may have to start referring to the boys as the "Snow Dogs", they never loose in the snow. The only downer was that Devin McCoy left the game in the second quarter with a rib injury. He has been having a monster year. If it wasn’t for Ndamukong-Suh from Detroit, Devin would be lined up for NFL Defensive Rookie of the year. I hope he can recover and nothing is serious. On the up side, Gary Guyton filed in quite nicely for the suspended Brandon Spikes! What depth we seem to have. Let’s hope we can keep the momentum going next Sunday against the Packers.


In a closing note, one of our members, Rob Coppins was in Chicago at the game with his brother thanks to his wife’s birthday present. (see photos) He got to meet the color man and NE Pats before the game, legend Gino Capeletti.