Ocho my God and Holy Haynesworth

Well if there was any doubt that excitement was going to happen once the CBA was finalize, let there be no mistake, it has!!


Ocho is now a Patriot and Albert is too. I hope Bill has his coaching hat on because he is going to need it. We now have two of the biggest head cases in the NFL. He handled Corey and Randy but they were one at a time now we have two at once. If he can, we will be Super Bowl favorites!


But I will tell you, I am really excited! Chad caught 67 passes for 831 yards and four touchdowns last season. That was a dropoff from 2009, the last of his six Pro Bowl years, when Ochocinco had 72 receptions for 1,047 yards and nine TDs. He has seven 1,000-yard receiving seasons, leading the league with 1,369 in 2006. Ochocinco was scheduled to make $6.35 million for the Bengals this year, but he has agreed to restructure his contract with Patriots so that they can still work under the cap. That is a good sign.


Haynesworth has been selected to two Pro Bowls in his career and was considered "the most dominant defensive tackle in the league" when he signed a seven-year, $100 million contract with the Washington Redskins in February 2009.