Patriots Greatest 50 Contest


Peter was the winner of this years Patriots Greatest 50 Contest. He got 48 out of 50 correct. Great job. I would also like to express honorable mention to Gordie Veniot of Bedford for coming in second getting 46 out of 50 correct.

I also want to thank all of you that follwed and participated during this contest. I had a lot of fun with it and hope you did too? I am looking forward to the upcoming season and hope you all continue to follow our site as there will always be contests on the go. Below are the final answers. I am sure there is a lot of opinions, but these were my top "50" Have a great rest of the summer.


50. Robert Edwards                         49. Doug Flutie                  48. Tony Collins

47. Brian Holloway                           46. Bobby Dee                   45. Terry Glen

44. Ron Hall                                       43. Craig James               42. Jim Hunt

41. Irving Fryar                                   40. Ted Johnson               39. Corey Dillon

38. Dan Koopen                                37. Jim Colclough             36. Steve Nelson

35. Chris Slade                                  34. Russ Francis              33. Deion Branch

32. Steve Grogan                               31. Lawyer Milloy                30. Jon Morris

29. Randy Moss                                 28. Jim Nance                    27. Asante Samuel

26. Wes Welker                                  25. Sam Cunningham      24. Gino Cappelletti

23. Raymond Clayborn                     22. Vito "Babe" Parilli        21. Nick Buoniconti

20. Huston Antwine                           19. Mike Vrabel                  18. Ben Coates

17. Vince Wilfork                                 16. Kevin Faulk                  15. Rodney Harrison

14. Willie McGinest                             13. Curtis Martin               12. Bruce Armstrong

11. Adam Vinatieri                              10. Richard Seymour         9. Drew Bledsoe

8. Tedy Bruschi                                     7. Ty Law                            6. Stanley Morgan

5. Troy Brown                                        4. Mike Haynes                  3. Andre Tippett

2. John Hannah                                    1. Tom Brady