Pats/Jets Game Story 1


Hi guys,

Look for updates this week. It is going to be big. Jets vs Pats in the playoffs!! We hate them, they hate us! This could be a WAR. Not sure where it may go, but if the boys can continue to play the way they have been playing, it would be nice to see us send Gang Green packing. There will be challenges, the Jets played great defense against Payton Manning which doesn't make it any easier.


The one thing for sure is that the Jets have the biggest "A#%hole" at head coach. If we can prepare and knock them off, I think it would be great to see him crawl under a rock for another year.This week the media should be great. I would recommend that all of you follow it. There will be some really interesting story lines. I hope Rex gives us some "billboard" material to keep us psyched up.  


If you get a chance, please pass along your thoughts for the upcoming game.