Wow! Devon McCourty makes it to the Pro Bowl in his rookie year. In fact, he is also a final five finalist for the rookie of the year. I don't think he will get it, but what an honour to get this far. He is going to be an allstar for many years. For those of you that remeber Asante Samuel, we can now forget him. Decon is going to be even better. I know this because he is playing at a level that it took Asante three years to get there. The sky is the limit.






Gronkowski, he is the man!! Set the record for the most touchdown catches for a Patriots tightend. Well I guess you know what that means, he also set the record for most catches for a rookie tightend!! His is going to something special. He is one of three brothers in the NFL. Just for trivia fans, against Pittsburg, Gronk had three touchdowns, what you might not know is that on the same day, his two brothers also had touchdowns.