Welcome Back Old Friend

It is obvious that Josh didn’t burn any bridges. How bizarre is this turn of events? Bill O’Brien to Penn State, and then the return of Josh McDaniel’s as offensive coordinator. I know he will only be an offensive assistant for the remainder of this year, but he will be the OC next season. I would love to hear you thoughts on the mater. I think it could be a good thing. It lessens the blow of losing Bill while making the changeover seamless. It will be interesting to see how the playoffs go with the two of them on the sideline. I wonder how much input Josh will have. More importantly, if things get on a role, I wonder if Bill will finish the playoffs in New England. If the Pats make a run at the Super Bowl it will put tremendous pressure on Bill to stay focused. In a week from know college coaches must spend a lot of time getting ready for the recruitment of high school players and that means a heavy burden on their time. Time will tell.