Super Bowl Trivia Question #2


What college is represented by the most players in this years Super Bowl?


Super Bowl Trivia Question #1


How may players and coaches are returning to the Super Bowl from the two teams that played in Super Bowl XLII?


Patriots Trivia

How many feilds have the Patriots called home?

What were their names?




Nickerson Field, Harvard Stadium, Fenway Park, Alumni Stadium, Foxborough Stadium, & Gillette Stadium


Patriots Tivia

4,300 feet and there is a total of 29 nine of them. You get this one right I will give you who is the Patriots #8 greatest player. This offer is only good until June 17th.



The amount and length of the "Aisles"

New Enlgand Patriots Trivia

It is twelve stories high. What is it. If you answer this one correct, I will give you twelve of the top forty Patriots Greatest Players.



Draft Day Trivia #1

Who was the first Offensive Lineman drafted by the New England Patriots with their first overall pick? What year?


ANSWER:  I think I tricked you. key: New England Patriots

                    John Hannah

This Weeks Trivia

Who is this guy? Why is he significant?



Trivia This Week

What Patriots player topped all players with 11 tackles in Super Bowl XLII (according to press-box statistics)?

 The first two members to email the right answers will be told who #10 on the "50 Greatest List" is.


Rodney Harrison with 11 tackles


Congratulations go out to members: Bill Gill & Gordie Venoit for being the first two to answer correctly. They will be given the answer to who is #10 on the "50 Greatest Players" list. This gives them a step up on the rest of you.

Trivia 2

When did the Union for NFL football players become a reallity and why? : 






1956 Players from the Green Bay Packers & Cleveland Browns

To demand that clubs provide players with a minimum league wide salary and a per deim to pay for uniforms and equipment.


When was the last time the NLF Players Association decertified and what came about because of it? :




The creation of "True Free Agency"

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