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Tailgate Time!!!!!!!!!!

Are you ready for "Some Football?"

It is time for a party gang. We are throwing a Patriots Tailgate Party November 11th for the Buffalo Bills game. It will be held at one of our members place in East Jeddore. We are hoping to have a big turnout for this event.

We are the largest Registered Patriots Fan Club in Canada. We will be featured on the official Patriots Website pre-game tailgate party broadcast. It should be a blast.

So get ready to meet some new and old friends! Just like the real thing, it is rain, shine, snow, or anything else for that matter. The game will be viewed indoors however. Parking lot opens three hours before the game so bring your grills, food, and beer to have the time of your life. We are really looking to meet some of our new members.

We ask that you let us know if you can attend as an RSVP so we can prepare properly. You can use the web site to email to let us know. Hope to see you all there!!!!!!!

A Tribute to a Great Patriot

It has been 13 years since Kevin Faulk stepped onto the football field for the New England Patriots and what a thirteen years it has been. Drafted in the second round, (46th overall) from LSU, Kevin came out as the starter until injuring his ankle. After that he had a stellar career as a Patriot. He was out of the same mold as Troy Brown. A selfless team player, he always put team first and did whatever it took to win. When you look up "A Belichick Guy" in Webster's his picture is right there! He rushed for 3,607 yards and caught 431 passes for 3,698 yards. While those are great stat's it is more about the big plays. Whenever we needed a big play on third down Kevin always delivered. Bill stated "No matter what he was asked to do, nobody did it better than Kevin. He always put the team first, he always worked hard. Nobody contributed more to the team winning than Kevin. He was the ultimate team player." Mr. Kraft added, "Kevin Faulk helped define the way and entire generation of Patriots fans have come to view and appreciated our brand of football. He worked so hard to get better every year. He was always one of the first to arrive in the building and amount the last to leave." As a Patriots Fan it has been an honour to see him perform over these past thirteen years. While he will be missed on the field, his presence will be felt with the development of Stevan Ridley and Brandon Bolden will be felt for years to come. Make no mistake his mentoring on these two and how they have performed this year. Congratulations on a great career Kevin! Enjoy retirement, you have earned it. See you at the hall in four years.

Here Comes Peyton !!!!!

Let the hype begin!! What Patriots fan wasn't looking forward to this matchup after the free agent signing. I know I was. Can't wait till Sunday. I must admit, he looks strange in orange though. He has been up and down over the first four weeks but anyting Brady and Peyton take the field you know it's going to be a great contest. The two of them are coming of 3 TD passing games and combined 700 yards through the air. You know CBS is grining from ear to ear for this 4:15 game.  

Its Draft Time 2012



 Patriots make an impact on day one. Welcome Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower!

Thank you Pats

Well gang what another memorable season. I hope you all appreciated it as much as we did. There were so many stories this year starting with the dedication to Myra Kraft with the team wearing the MHK over their hearts. While the Super Bowl was a disappointment how lucky were we to be there? As the season went on our optimism grew, but if you really think about it when we were 5-3 how many of us really thought they would get there. Call me the ultimate optimist, but I for one found this season one of the more memorable. From Tommy throwing for over 5,000 yards, to Gronk smashing the TE touchdown catches and yards gained it was fantastic. Can you imagine Julian Edelman and Matthew Slater carrying the torch for Troy Brown by playing significant roles in the defensive backfield? To Tommy and Bill setting the all time record for a coach/quarterback team.


To our year of volunteerism for Myra in which so many communities were helped and volunteers recognized and appreciated. WOW! We have a lot to be proud of, being Patriots fans.


For me being a fan since the late 60’s I have an even greater appreciation for what we have. For you new fans that have never been a part of our dark and disappointing roots, don’t forget, what we have is special. I would suggest you become a bit of a historian and look back at our past. As well, look at the other 31 teams and look at their success and in some cases lack of. I think you will find that we are pretty lucky.


Never take for granted the team we have and never let the feeling of disappointment over a Super Bowl loss become disappointment in the organization and the team! Also, to those of you, whose nose may have gotten out of joint when Gisele came to her husband’s side and the players who partied into the night after the loss, loosen up,!!! Unless you are not human, they earned that right!


In closing, a big thank you to Mr. Kraft and his family for 18 years of the greatest ownership in professional sports! May we be so lucky to have them at the helm forever! Their leadership and guidance since taking over this team is to be applauded. As a person that focuses on leadership in the business world, I look forward to Mr. Kraft’s book on leadership whenever he writes it. (hint, hint Mr. Kraft)


So don’t despair as in all sports there is always next year and I for one enter the thought of it with all the enthusiasm in the world. Have a great off season even though there isn’t one.




Paul & Shelly


It's Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it is a little over twenty four hours before game time. I don’t know about you, but it is going to be a long wait. While it is fun to be back, the anxiety is overwhelming. I know that I am tired of all the paralysis by analysis from all the networks. What I am really sick and tired of his having to watch over and over again the “catch” by David Tyree in Super Bowl XLII.Enough already!! Let’s get to the game. I don’t remember a Super Bowl where Vegas has a team favored yet all the pundits are picking the Giants. In fact, many of them are saying it won’t even be close. I guess that is why they play the game. In the last day and a half, how many references do you think there will be made on Gronkowski’s ankle, Brady’s legacy, Bellichick vs Coughlin? It is overload.I think we are all ready to get it on and get it over. Oh, and dare I forget Madonna, that should be an interesting halftime. Lastly, for all you people that like to bet on all aspects of the game, the betting line of the first Manning to be put on TV, (not Eli), is that it will be Payton. Surprise Surprise. So enjoy the game and let’s hope Myra is watching over us. Go Pats!!!!

We Are Going Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!! We are going back to where we belong!

What a game. I forgot just how it felt, but boy have I missed this feeling. It was a great fantastic team win. It was good to see us win a game when Tommy doesn’t have his best which none of us believed. I dare say the Myra gave a little push to the left. Is it destiny or fate? Only time will tell, but it would be nice to see.

The demons are almost exercised. We swept the Jets in the regular season, we beat the Ravens in the playoffs, now can we exercise the last demon and biggest of all. Wouldn’t it be nice to get the payback of all paybacks? Hold on for the ride, and get ready to relive the pain of 2007. You know it is going to be played over and over again for two weeks, but it will make a victory all that much sweater.















       January 19, 2002                           HISTORY !!!!!!!!

The Monkey is Gone - Big Win!!!!!!!

Ok, it’s over! The postseason three game losing streak is over! I don’t know about you guys, but it felt great to finally get the monkey off our back. I don’t think I could have taken another one and done. It was a great game. All the heroics, all the big plays and some records belonged to Brady. Brady threw six touchdown passes, five in the first half alone, putting the Patriots into the AFC championship game and silencing the nationwide frenzy surrounding Tebow. What did you think of having Hernandez at running back? It was brilliant. I am concerned however that he may be injured. We will have to keep an eye on it. I think it might have had something to do with our new offensive coach Josh McDaniels. It has his signature all over it. Well now it is on to Baltimore. It should be a great game for sure. I hope the bad Flacco show up. But let’s enjoy this one while we wait for next Sunday.

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