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Let the Tournament Begin!!!!

Wow, what a game on Sunday between Pittsburg and Denver. I don’t know about you guys, but I didn’t see that coming. After the Huston win I was convinced we were going to be facing Pittsburg. I was sitting there pre-game and said I hope Denver pulled an upset as the Steelers scared me. That said, how does the expression go, “Be careful what you wish for!” Tebow looked scary. What I mean by that is on both sides. His first quarter was pathetic, but the remaining three were very impressive. I know it shouldn’t be an issue, but our defense against the pass is poor at best. It should be interesting, but I always get nervous especially when you have a 9-8 team going against a 12-4. Denver has nothing to lose and everything to gain. We are going to see just how stone cold, (or not) Tom Brady is. He has everything to lose. A loss in this game I feel would start to tarnish that legacy of his. Three, one and out in the playoffs would not bode well, especially if one of them is Denver. I am looking forward to Saturday night.

2011 Pro Bowl

Congratulations to the New England Patriots Pro Bowl selections!!!  For the second year in a row, eight members of the New England Patriots have been selected to the Pro Bowl. Amazingly all of them were voted to the starting lineup. The lineup includes, Tom Brady QB, Wes Welker WR, Rob Gronkowski TE, Logan Mankins & Brian Waters G, Andre Carter DE, Vince WIlfork DL, and Matthew Slater ST. Carter, Gronkowski and Slater earned their first Pro Bowl invitations. The Pats led the picks tied with San Francisco.


Carter earned his first Pro Bowl selection after registering double-digit sacks for the fourth time in his career with 10.0 sacks. Gronkowski is going to his first Pro Bowl after having a record-setting season in 2011. He set an NFL record for most touchdowns by a tight end in a single season with 16 (15 receiving and 1 rushing) with one game left to play. Slater is going to his first after being named Special Teams Captain by his teammates this year. Wes Welker is now going to his fourth straight Pro Bowl. Some of you might not be too familiar with him, but Brian Waters will go to his sixth Pro Bowl. His five others were with Kansas City. Vince Wilfork and Logan Mankins will be going to his fourth and third in a row. Last but not least is the franchise himself Tom Brady who is about to become only the third quarterback in NFL history if he throws for 109 yards this weekend.


Strong Start Sputtering to the End!!

Well, a win is a win and while we might all be unhappy with the ending I think it is important not to lose sight that every win in the NFL is a tough one, no matter who you play. I will take 9-3 any day. I dare say the Jets wish they were 9-3.

It was a great game for Ron Gronkowski. No the all-time leader in touchdowns in a season and one away from all-time in TD receptions. Too bad Tommy’s pass was really a lateral but I am sure there is one more somewhere in the next four games. Also, what a game on defense by Matthew Slater, another of those offensive guys that have made the jump. (see this weeks player profile) Let’s hope the boys put together a full sixty minutes this week against the Redskins. Their defense will be a solid test for Tommy and the offense.


Well the boys came to play again! I must admit I got a bit nervous with the 10-0 start but Tommy and the offense got it together. There still are some issues on defense. While I know they only scored 20, seven of those in garbage time, they still gave up over 500 yards of offense. That will not bode well come the playoffs if they don’t tidy that up.

But, there is a bright side. We have a new Troy Brown in town, Julian Edleman. Did you see his stats for this past week? He had sixteen snaps on defense finishing with three tackles and one blitz. Remember he is a wide receiver and punt returner.

It was great to see Wes and Deon turn it around. I don’t know you noticed, but how does Dion not score on the pass from Tommy? I can’t believe how much he has slowed down over the years.

How about Gronk!! How lucky are we? He is going to be a joy to watch over the upcoming years. I don’t know if you caught it, but he said he was in Tommy’s dog house all week at practice, didn’t look that way during the game. Anyway, let’s hope they don’t take Indy for granted. That would be insulting if we gave them their first win of the season. That shouldn’t happen.

Great Game !!

Whew! It is nice to see that we are back to normal. After two losses in a row I was getting worried. It has been so long since we have had a stretch like that it was becoming unnerving. Things are back to where they should be for now, but time will tell if it continue moving forward. It was a late one, but I didn’t miss a play. Gronkowski was unbelievable and even though the first half was a bit shaky, it was nice to see Tommy get back to his old form in the second half. The injuries are piling up on the defense which isn’t good except for the fact that the defense has basically been inept all year so the injuries couldn’t make it much worse. While I feel bad for Devon McCourty, when he left the game the defensive backfield actually got better. Did anyone see the hit by Julian Edelman at the end of the game when he was playing in the defensive backfield? You heard me right, the defensive backfield. It was a great shot on LaDainian Thomlinson. Well it is on to Kansas City next Monday night. I always get nervous when we face a team we should beat. Matt Cassel won’t be playing either as he was hurt yesterday and is going to require surgery on his hand.

Excellent Photo

Photo: Tim Farrell/THE STAR-LEDGER


NSESNEPFC Game Day Party

Hi Gang,

We are having a NSESNEPFC Tailgate party at Marcus & Willy's, Sunday, November 6th for the game against the Giants. It will give all of you an opportunity to meet each other as well as meet us. It will be a great time and there will be specials as well as some other surprises. Hope you can all make it. It should be a great time. Game time is 5:15 but get there early to get a good seat and have some fun. Wear you shirts and be prepared to battle"The Other Manning" and the Giants. Also, any of you Pats fans that are not members yet, come join us!!!!!    


Cheers, Paul & Shelly

New England Patriots Hall of Fame

Hi gang, I thought I would do a special on the New England Patriots Hall of Fame induction. Enjoy.

Drew Bledsoe – played for the New England Patriots from 1993-2001. He was considered the face of the franchise from the time he was the Patriot’s first round draft pick from Washington State in 1993. He in fact was the first overall draft pick as well. He started right away for the Patriots in his rookie season, as they improved from two to five wins. It should be noted that he left university early forgoing his Senior year to enter the draft. On November 13, 1994, the Patriots had won just three of their first nine games and were losing 20-3 to the Minnesota Vikings at halftime. Bledsoe led a comeback victory in which the Patriots won 26-20 in overtime, as he set single game record with 426 yards which was just broken by Tom Brady opening day against Miami. By remaining undefeated throughout the succeeding games, the Patriots earned their first postseason appearance in eight years. Bledsoe started all 16 games that season and went on to set a NFL record in pass attempts (691), becoming the second NFL quarterback to complete 400 or more passes in a season (400), and led the league in passing yards (4,555). Due to his performance, Bledsoe was selected to his first Pro Bowl as an alternate. During the second game of the 2001 season, Bledsoe was hit by New York Jets linebacker Mo Lewis and suffered a sheared blood vessel in his chest. We all know the rest of the story after that. Drew finished his career playing for the Buffalo Bills from 2002-2004, and the Dallas Cowboys 2005-2006. Always a fan favorite, Drew returned three times to Gillette Stadium where he was met by cheers every time.

Jon Morris - is a former American college and professional football player. At Gonzaga College High School in Washington, DC, he was a three-sport athlete in football, basketball and baseball. After Gonzaga he played center and linebacker for three seasons at the College of the Holy Cross. He was the Washington Daily News's Athlete of the Year in 1960 and Holy Cross Varsity Club Athlete of the Year and Lineman of the Year in 1963. He was selected All-East and All-America in his senior year, played in the College All-Star Game and captained the Senior Bowl. Jon Morris played 11 seasons for the Patriots, appearing in 130 games from 1964-74. He earned seven consecutive All-Star appearances with six AFL-All Star games (1964 through 1969) and was an AFC Pro Bowl center in 1970. His seven league All-Star selections rank second in Patriots history behind Pro Football Hall of Famer John Hannah nine. Morris was the first Patriots’ player to be selected to the NFL Pro Bowl. Morris anchored an offensive line that opened holes for Jim Nance to amass a team-record 45 rushing touchdowns from 1965-71. He was selected by the Patriots in the fourth round of the 1964 American Football League Draft out of Holy Cross. He was also selected in the second round by Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers, but he knew Boston Patriots head coach Mike Holovak and chose to stay in New England to pursue his professional football career.

Patriots Win 38-24!!

This was a night for the ages. How good was Tom Brady? Well he threw for 517 yards becoming number five on the all time list for most yards passing in a game. It also set a Patriots record as well beating Drew Bledsoe’s record 426 yard that he set back in 1994. But if you really want to understand the performance Drew did his on 70 attempts while Tommy only had 46!!


Last night also saw two of our new comers play in their first regular season game with the Patriots, Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth. Chad caught one out of three passes thrown his way for 18 yards. Albert played 32 downs of the 76. He was credited with three tackles but also caused two holding penalties on the Miami’s offensive line. Overall a respectable start for them.


Another record fell last night as well. New England totaled 622 yards, the most in franchise history and the most allowed by Miami. Brady's performance overshadowed Miami's Chad Henne, who threw for a career-high 416 yards. The 906 net yards passing by both teams was an NFL record also.

The highlight of the night however was the final nail in the Dolphins coffin, a 99.5 yard pass to Wes Welker. "When I saw the coverage as we lined up, I knew there was a strong possibility I could be getting the ball," Welker said. "I just wanted to make the most of the opportunity."

He did, catching the pass in stride and sprinting untouched for the score to complete the longest play in Patriots history. "I only threw it 25 yards. Wes did all the work," Brady said. "When I saw him break away, that was awesome. Coach never lets us run that route in practice."


Well gang, let’s hope this is the start of something special this season!!



I don’t know about you but it is time. It looks like the boys are going to be a force to reckon with this year. I like what I see with the change in the defensive scheme. With all that talent on the defensive line 4-3 should create some challenges for the opposing offenses. Offensively we should be strong as ever as well. A little concern is that we are down to only two tight ends. As we know last year much of the offensive scheme had three tight ends on the field. Tommy should have another great year as well. It will be interesting to see how Chad Ochocinco does. He struggled in the preseason but we will hope that he catches on in the first quarter of the season. Going into the season we are looking at a fairly good schedule. We will play just 6 games versus playoff teams from a year ago. Further on the plus side, New England draws both Miami and Indianapolis at home in cold December. Playing the Jets twice during the season won’t be an easy task. I would expect that they will lose one of the games to them. The game of the year should be the Eagles. They have the ability to stop Tom Brady and the offense and the Pats new defensive line will be challenged by Vick. It will be interesting to see how Belichick does scheming him.


All in all, let’s get excited!!!!!

Ocho my God and Holy Haynesworth

Well if there was any doubt that excitement was going to happen once the CBA was finalize, let there be no mistake, it has!!


Ocho is now a Patriot and Albert is too. I hope Bill has his coaching hat on because he is going to need it. We now have two of the biggest head cases in the NFL. He handled Corey and Randy but they were one at a time now we have two at once. If he can, we will be Super Bowl favorites!


But I will tell you, I am really excited! Chad caught 67 passes for 831 yards and four touchdowns last season. That was a dropoff from 2009, the last of his six Pro Bowl years, when Ochocinco had 72 receptions for 1,047 yards and nine TDs. He has seven 1,000-yard receiving seasons, leading the league with 1,369 in 2006. Ochocinco was scheduled to make $6.35 million for the Bengals this year, but he has agreed to restructure his contract with Patriots so that they can still work under the cap. That is a good sign.


Haynesworth has been selected to two Pro Bowls in his career and was considered "the most dominant defensive tackle in the league" when he signed a seven-year, $100 million contract with the Washington Redskins in February 2009.

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