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NFL Networks Top 100 Players

Congratulations Tom Brady. On Sunday night, NFL players crowned their No. 1 on the NFL Network’s “The Top 100 Players of 2011,” a 10-week voyage that generated as much controversy as it did consensus before coming down to yet another dogfight between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. As it has been for the past ten years, it all came down to a showdown between Tommy and Peyton. As football fans we should consider ourselves blessed to be following the came when it is has two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play. As a Patriot fan, it goes even further. We will never see the likes of having a player like Tom Brady again. They only come around once in a lifetime. Enjoy it gang. While there was some controversy around the players picks for the “TOP 100 Players” I would dare say that the number one pick was not. Tommy continues to get better each year.


Brady holds numerous regular season and postseason records, including: most touchdown passes in a regular season (50); highest touchdown-to-interception ratio in a single season (9:1); highest single-game completion percentage, regular season or postseason (26/28, 92.9%); most consecutive pass attempts without an interception (339, still active); most consecutive regular-season home wins (28, still active); highest winning percentage of any quarterback ever during his first 100 starts (76 wins); most completions in one Super Bowl (32); and the longest streak of games with 3 or more touchdown passes (10 games). most career completions in Super Bowl history (100); Brady is the fourth-fastest player to reach 200 career passing touchdowns (116 games). He is the first quarterback in NFL history to have reached said mark with under 100 career interceptions (he had 88 interceptions). Considering his many numerous achievements, and his late draft selection (6th round, 199th selection), many analysts, including those at the NFL Network, have called Brady the best NFL draft pick (or draft steal) of all time.


BREAKING NEWS According to a report posted by Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the NFL and players resumed talks today. This is a follow up to the “secret” talks that took place in Chicago last week. It is encouraging for me that it appears that Robert Kraft is part of the contingent of owners that are taking part. Like a lot of others, I also agree that Mr. Kraft has a lot to offer to these proceedings and it was unfortunate he was a part of the talks from the beginning. Breer also reported that the set up of these talks is scheduled to be the same as well, taking place over several days. Commissioner Goodell said in reference to the Chicago meeting, "I think it's fair to say anytime you have dialogue directly, that's going to lead to progress," he told reporters. "I think we need more of that. As you've heard me say many times, I think this is going to be solved through bargaining, not through litigation, so that was a positive sign for us." Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!!!

NFL/CBA Let's Get On With It!!!!

    IT'S OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!After months of no love and nastiness between the Owners and Players, NFL fans finally saw the handshake and heard the words they awaited: "Football is back." I don’t know about you but I for one was getting really sick and tired of the negotiations, of court filings and rulings, of players and owners squabbling over more than $9 billion per year. I am sorry, $9 billion, get a real job. That said, I still can’t wait to cheer, hoot & howler with the best of them once it starts. It is interesting though there was give and take on both sides. Owners will point to victories, of getting a higher percentage of all revenue, one of the central issues -- they get 53 percent, players 47 percent; the old deal was closer to 50-50. There's also a new system that will rein in spending on contracts for first-round draft picks. On the other hand the players will talk to the fact that they persuaded teams to commit to spending nearly all of their salary-cap space in cash and won changes to offseason and in-season practice rules that should make the game safer. And lastly they have to feel good about not going to an 18 game schedule. I for one am extremely happy about that myself. So grab your shirts out of the closet, fire up SIRUS, the NFL Network, and let’s get ready for some FOOOOOOTBALLLLLLL!!!!!! 

NFL/CBA Update

On Thursday U.S. district judge Doty opened the latest court proceedings between the NFL and NFL Players Association by saying he was a “bit disappointed” that neither side had settled its labor dispute. That is an understatement. I would say there are more than a few hundred thousand NFL football fans that might use a little stranger language than that. 


On May 12th, it became day 58 of the lockout making it officially the longest work stoppage in league history. It is starting to become of major concern to all with no real sign of relief coming. The previous record came back in 1982 during the players strike. Both sides are awaiting word about whether the NFL lockout will be allowed to remain in place. After being forced to partially lift it for 24 hours last month per the order of federal district judge Susan Nelson, the Eighth Circuit Court in St. Louis granted the NFL an emergency stay that allowed the work stoppage to resume. That appellate court hasn’t issued a further ruling on the stay and may not until a June 3 hearing on the matter in St. Louis. If forced to lift the lockout, NFL teams would begin conducting offseason workouts and personnel moves that are currently barred by the league. It also would likely put the NFL on track for an on-time start to the regular season, but don’t hold your breath. I will be giving updates as things happen over the coming weeks.

Patriots Draft 2011

 #1 Pick - Nate Solder, offensive tackle from Colorado. He was a three year starter. Well, who is this guy? He is one of the premier left tackle prospects in this year’s draft. He is big, athletic, and strong! He has tremendous potential, so let’s hope Scarnecchia can work his magic and coach him up. I am sure Dante feels as though he has died and gone to heaven. At 6’9”, 315lbs he certainly has the size to deliver. This is typical Bill Belichick move. This guy is intelligent and is a hard worker. This doesn't boad well for Matt Light who is an unrestricted free agent. I would say that he won't be with us moving forward.


#2 Pick - Ras-I Dowling, cornnerback from Virginia. He is a physical corner that will be a nice addition obosite Devon McCourty. His a great tackler and is adept at re-routing recievers off the line of scrimage. One of his strengths is playing man coverage but will do very well in zone as well. Durablitiy will be the main concern. A hard physical hitter which at times causes injury. He is 6' 1" which makes him excellent at jump-ball defending. Something the Patriots haven't had for years.


#3 Pick - Shane Vereen, running back from Calafornia. He is a great change of pace runner with a deceptive ability to run the inside. Another addition is his ability to catch the ball out of the backfeild. He very well could be the next Kevin Faulk. He will be a nice addtion to Ben-Jarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead.



Conflict Brewing in Patriots Place ?



How has it come to this? Why has it come to this? The fallout of the inability of the CBA and NFL to get a collective bargining agreement is going to have far reaching ramifications. I have wrtitten a piece explaining just one of those as it relates to our Patriots. I hope you read it and please send along your feelings on the matter as well.



Did we ever think it could come to this? For years we have come to adore our Patriots. We have had the privilege of having the greatest owner in the NFL and arguably the greatest quarterback. Over the years their relationship and that of Bill Bellichick have created a dynasty, but we now sit on the precipice wondering where it is all going to go.

Well on March 11, Tom Brady along with nine other players put their names on an “Antitrust Class Action” suit. In essence, suing the NFL and their owners. Yes, that means Tommy is suing Robert Kraft. What does it mean? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, it has to have some effect on their relationship. It will never be the same. Robert has always spoken of Tom being like a son, so I wonder how it feels to have “family” sue “family?” I know this is a business, but when does it become personal? We can only hope that the two of them keep it business.

When asked recently at the owners meetings in New Orleans, Jonathan Kraft, (Roberts real son), was asked about the situation and his response was, “Look, on a personal level, myself and, I think, every member of my family feels extremely close to Tom,” said Kraft. “I’d like to think Tom was conflicted before he made that decision, but you’d have to ask Tom about it.” He also added, “He obviously feels like, I guess, he made a business decision that was the right thing for him. I’d like to think he was conflicted making it, but I don’t know.”

It sounds to me that the conflicted feelings are on the Kraft side of the situation. I wonder how conflicted they felt when the cut Lawyer Milloy, released Deon Branch, and can’t come to terms with Logan Mankins, so they reduced his tender from $3 million to $1.5 million then franchised him knowing all three players are extremely close to Tommy. It is business right? Well we can only hope the Kraft family respects Tommy’s decision as being business as well.

I would love your thoughts on the mater. Please send them along so we can share them with our membership.

NFL Collective Barganing Agreement. This is Bull%$*# Part 2!!!!

 These are the faces of Incompetence, Arrogance, and Greed. Look at them long and hard. Think about it, these are the people overseeing a 9 billion dollar industry and they are screwing it up! Wow! My three year old grandson Logan could do a better job!!! 



Millionaires vs. Billionaires! Wow, don’t you just feel sorry for them? In the words of Charlie Sheen, “Dah!” Come to think of it  the Players and Owners have turned into Charlie. Their maturity and ineptitude is beyond me. How can a 9 billion dollar industry that is making money, "BIG MONEY" for the players and owners, adored by millions of fans screw this up? Dah! It's GREED!! Nothing more, nothing less. It is exactly what has the world economy in such a state. The NFLPA and the owners of the NFL are idiots. Greedy idiots. If anyone can find a reason to side with either one, they need to re-evaluate. I for one am going to send nasty letters to the owners and players. I would challenge all of you to do the same. You can find the address on the Web pages of each of the NFL teams. Without fans there would be no Millionaire players or Billionaire owners. So, where do we go from here? Well the players have decertified in an attempt to file an anti-trust law suit against the owners and the owners will undoubtedly lock the players out. Either way, no one wins, especially us. It could be a lengthy delay in football; in fact it could keep the NFL from playing this year. I don’t know about you, but the longer it goes, the longer it is going to take for me to forgive them. While I will always love watching the game of football, I will think twice before supporting them with my dollars. But all is not lost. There is an alternative. I first want to first apologize to any our female fans if they get offended, but, even my wife after watching one of the games, thought the LFL was rough and tough. In fact, it was fun to watch. They actually are very good athltes So, it may be time to support this new league. Please pass along you thoughts. I would love to hear you opinions and thoughts. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Patriots 2011 Pro Bowl Selections

This year the New England Patriots are well represented in the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl. We have eight players on the roster. Tom Brady, Vince Wilfork, Login Mankins, Jarod Mayo, Brandon Meriweather, and Devon McCourty were all voted on. Wes Welker, Matt Light were later added as replacements. This is quite an honor for this years team. Congratulations guys!!!!

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