Go West Young Men!

Well it is off to the west coast and a visit to what is arguably the loudest stadium in the NFL. Add to the mix they have one of the toughest defenses in the league and you know we will be in a ballgame. It is always tough to cross country and play football, but it is even tougher in this environment. The Pats are only 3.5 point favorites going into the game which should tell you all you need to know. That's like saying they are equal. Another challenge is that this is a team that we are not that familiar with so it makes it harder to prepare. The Seahawks have the largest core of defensive backs in the league averaging 6"1" and 215 pounds. This will be the ultimate test for our passing game. This is the week we need that big running game. I believe it will be the key to victory. That along with a big pass rush by Chandler Jones against the rookie quarterback Russell Wilson. It is shaping up for a great game. Enjoy!