The Monkey is Gone - Big Win!!!!!!!

Ok, it’s over! The postseason three game losing streak is over! I don’t know about you guys, but it felt great to finally get the monkey off our back. I don’t think I could have taken another one and done. It was a great game. All the heroics, all the big plays and some records belonged to Brady. Brady threw six touchdown passes, five in the first half alone, putting the Patriots into the AFC championship game and silencing the nationwide frenzy surrounding Tebow. What did you think of having Hernandez at running back? It was brilliant. I am concerned however that he may be injured. We will have to keep an eye on it. I think it might have had something to do with our new offensive coach Josh McDaniels. It has his signature all over it. Well now it is on to Baltimore. It should be a great game for sure. I hope the bad Flacco show up. But let’s enjoy this one while we wait for next Sunday.