Patriots 50 Greatest Players #24

Gino Cappelletti #24 – Gino played for his college football at the University of Minnesota. In 1960 he came to the Patriots, from all places, Canada where he played for five years. He lead the American Football leagues in scoring five times and led or tied the NFL in scoring five times as well. Gino was the AFL’s Most Valuable Player in 1964 when he scored 155 points. He is only one of twenty players who were in the AFL for its entire ten year existence, and one of three who played every game their teams played in the AFL as well. Gino is the only AFL/NFL Player to run for a 2 point conversion, throw a pass for a 2 point conversion, catch a pass, intercept a pass, return a punt and a kickoff in the same season. Gino can now be heard sitting alongside Gil Santos as color man on the Patriots Rock Radio Network for all the Patriots broadcasts.