Thank you Pats

Well gang what another memorable season. I hope you all appreciated it as much as we did. There were so many stories this year starting with the dedication to Myra Kraft with the team wearing the MHK over their hearts. While the Super Bowl was a disappointment how lucky were we to be there? As the season went on our optimism grew, but if you really think about it when we were 5-3 how many of us really thought they would get there. Call me the ultimate optimist, but I for one found this season one of the more memorable. From Tommy throwing for over 5,000 yards, to Gronk smashing the TE touchdown catches and yards gained it was fantastic. Can you imagine Julian Edelman and Matthew Slater carrying the torch for Troy Brown by playing significant roles in the defensive backfield? To Tommy and Bill setting the all time record for a coach/quarterback team.


To our year of volunteerism for Myra in which so many communities were helped and volunteers recognized and appreciated. WOW! We have a lot to be proud of, being Patriots fans.


For me being a fan since the late 60’s I have an even greater appreciation for what we have. For you new fans that have never been a part of our dark and disappointing roots, don’t forget, what we have is special. I would suggest you become a bit of a historian and look back at our past. As well, look at the other 31 teams and look at their success and in some cases lack of. I think you will find that we are pretty lucky.


Never take for granted the team we have and never let the feeling of disappointment over a Super Bowl loss become disappointment in the organization and the team! Also, to those of you, whose nose may have gotten out of joint when Gisele came to her husband’s side and the players who partied into the night after the loss, loosen up,!!! Unless you are not human, they earned that right!


In closing, a big thank you to Mr. Kraft and his family for 18 years of the greatest ownership in professional sports! May we be so lucky to have them at the helm forever! Their leadership and guidance since taking over this team is to be applauded. As a person that focuses on leadership in the business world, I look forward to Mr. Kraft’s book on leadership whenever he writes it. (hint, hint Mr. Kraft)


So don’t despair as in all sports there is always next year and I for one enter the thought of it with all the enthusiasm in the world. Have a great off season even though there isn’t one.




Paul & Shelly