We Are Going Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!! We are going back to where we belong!

What a game. I forgot just how it felt, but boy have I missed this feeling. It was a great fantastic team win. It was good to see us win a game when Tommy doesn’t have his best which none of us believed. I dare say the Myra gave a little push to the left. Is it destiny or fate? Only time will tell, but it would be nice to see.

The demons are almost exercised. We swept the Jets in the regular season, we beat the Ravens in the playoffs, now can we exercise the last demon and biggest of all. Wouldn’t it be nice to get the payback of all paybacks? Hold on for the ride, and get ready to relive the pain of 2007. You know it is going to be played over and over again for two weeks, but it will make a victory all that much sweater.